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What Wines To Pair With Shellfish

Wine and Shellfish Pairings 

Shellfish and wine go hand-in-hand, but with such a variety of shellfish dishes out there, finding the perfect wine match can be overwhelming. From Champagne to Viognier, we've created a handy guide suggestions to inspire you find the right wine to go with your shellfish!

Chilli garlic butter tiger prawns - a Gruner Veltliner will be able to match the complex flavours of this dish, as will softer mediterranean wines such as the Kyperounda Petritis from Cyrpus.

Lobster Thermidor - an oaky chardonnay or special bottle of fizz such as the Brazilian Cave Geisse Brut or the Slovenian Istenic Prestige Extra Brut

Crab - best for tasting with a creamy and alluring Viognier.

Oysters - excellent with a crisp dry Furmint.

Moules-Frites - try a characterful Viognier or the Bibo Runge Riesling. 

Scallops and Clams - a fresh zesty Albariño or Vinho Verde.

If you want any more advice on which wines to pair with your food, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Novel Wines team!

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