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What Wines To Pair With Cheese Toasties

However you make yours, a cheese toast is the ultimate comforting indulgence. Just think of that melting grilled cheese oozing from two slices of toasted sourdough … A full bodied white will complement the buttery bread, as will a bottle of bubbly. And of course, don't forget to check out selection of ciders!

Here are more wines that pair well with cheese toasties - remember to check out our Cheese and Wine Pairing Guide for more guidance on pairing wine with specific cheeses. 

Canned Wine Co Viognier Vintage White Wine In A Can from Languedoc in France
from £5.49

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Viognier 2019, France

Creamy, smooth Viognier from Laurent Miquel - in a can. Canned Wine Co. Viognier is a dry, full bodied white wine from Languedoc, France. It's 100...

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from £5.49
Canned Wine Co Barrel Aged Verdejo White Wine Buy Online
from £5.49

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Limited Edition Verdejo 2019, Austria

Ripe and velvety limited edition Verdejo from Rueda. Canned Wine Co. Verdejo is a full bodied white wine from Rueda, Spain. It's 100% Verdejo with...

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from £5.49

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