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Cheese and Wine Pairing Guide

Welcome to our exclusive cheese and wine pairing guide! This cheat sheet features all our truly unique wines and their finest cheese match.

Hard cheese and wine pairing

The intense flavours and different textures of hard cheese need an ad hoc pairing as there is just so many variables to consider. Here we have selected three wines for the four most popular hard cheeses.

Manchego: deliciously salty with a drier texture.

Mature Cheddar: Intense flavour with a creamy texture.

 Swiss Gruyere: strong, salty flavour and drier texture.

Comte: a strong and flavourful cheese with a creamy texture.

  • Babylonstoren Shiraz 2016 (South Africa) - aromas of cassis, pencil shavings and violets transform into gorgeous ripe cherry fruits, prunes and a tingle of spice.
  • Beykush Artainia Red (Ukraine) - full bodied red, with cherries plums and vanilla with a bit of oak that can match up to the punch of Comte
  • Babylonstoren Limited Edition Chardonnay 2017 (South Africa) - classic and elegant, subtle citrus fruit, vanilla and a nutty complexity with fresh mineral tones and a tangy finish.

Soft cheese and wine pairing

Soft cheese is delicious and spreadable can be really enhanced by choosing the right type of cracker or bread and, of course, a glass of the right wine!

White Nancy Goat's: crumbly, fresh and tangy.

Brie: creamy, delicate and indulgent.

Camembert: intense, creamy and decadent.

Reblochon: semi-soft, creamy and delicious.

  • DiBonis DiFranc (Serbia) - intense, bold red wine with aromas of sweet coconut, black cherry, chocolate and blackberry jam.
  • Fratelli Sette by Masi Piero (India) - ripe flavours of plum, blackberry accented with notes of spice and vanilla and hints of coffee. 
  • Colomba Bianca Kore Nero d'Avola (Sicily) - seductive aromas of forest fruit and spice, rich, ripe blackberries and plum. 

Blue cheese wine pairing

Smoked and blue cheese are a delicious alternative to regular cheese. Their intense flavour makes them perfect to pair with a variety of interesting wines. 

Oak-smoked Cheddar: deliciously smoky with a hint of sweetness.

Roquefort Blue: creamy, punchy with a long finish. 

Morbier: richly flavoured with a soft texture and a hint of sweetness.

Stilton: crumbly with a melt-in-your mouth texture and a nutty finish.

Goat and sheep cheese wine pairing

Sheep's and goat's cheeses have a distinctively different flavour and lower fat content that cheeses made from cow's milk. Accordingly, the wines to pair with this type of cheese must not overpower or clash with the cheese's flavour and texture. Here are our recommendations. 

Feta: salty, crumbly and tangy. 

  • Biblia Chora Ovilos Assyrtikos (Greece) - aromas of peach and a palate that oozes with pink grapefruit, fresh citrus and a wonderful creamy texture.
  • Frittman Kekfrankos (Hungary) - soft, rounded red complemented by spice, cherries and raspberry-like acidity.
  • Oliver Zeter Grauburgunder (Germany) - a pure and expressive Pinot Gris with  aromas and flavours of ripe yellow fruit and lemon with a juicy finish.

Ossau-Iraty: smooth, creamy and firm. 

  • Semeli Fest Red Agiorgitiko (Greece) - youthful, ruby-coloured red that is intensely perfumed with a soft, plummy palate and notes of red cherries.
  • Babylonstoren Chenin Blanc (South Africa) - aromas of guava and tropical fruit with a palate of crisp, dry palate with notes of green pear, fresh melon, guava and vanilla cream.
  • Casa Valduga Indentidade Pinot Noir (Brazil) - elegant red wine with ripe strawberries and layers of liquorice, mint and smoky tobacco. 

Ricotta: fresh, creamy and delicate.

  • Grace Koshu Kayagatake (Japan) - light and delicate dry white wine which is clean and classy with delicate notes of lemon, grapefruit and a long refreshing finish.
  • Tasca D'Almerita Nerello Mascalese (Sicily) - blueberry perfumed red is an explosion of raspberry, cinnamon, black cherry and liquorice on the palate. 
  • Raimes Classic Sparkling (England) - bottled aromas of apple brioche and lively citrus entice you into a soft mousse bubbling with stone fruits, cream and lemon.

Capricorn: crumbly and goaty.