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What Wines To Pair With Charcuterie

As with different food spreads, more variety means trickier wine pairings… but this can also be an opportunity to get a group of family and friends together, along with a few different bottles and experiment with different meat and wine pairings.  Acidity is great for cutting through fatty meats. As a general rule of thumb - the fattier the meat, the bolder the wine to pair. It’s also worth considering any herbs that have been added. And try regional matches - a jamón ibérico de bellota with a glass of vermut for example!

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Grenache Rosé 2020, France
from £5.49

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Grenache Rosé 2020, France

Perfectly portioned, bright rose wine full of clementines, summer berries and butterscotch notes. Dry rose wine, 250ml. Medium bodied 100% Grenache...

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from £5.49

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