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What Wines To Pair With Jacket Spuds

Jacket potato is not the most obvious dish that calls for a glass of wine but here at Novel Wines, we love a wine pairing challenge! Browse our suggestions of wines to drink with jacket spuds (whatever your choice of filling) below.

Check out Ben’s article on pairing potato recipes with wine for more inspiration!

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Old Vine Garnacha 2016, Spain
from £5.49

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Old Vine Garnacha 2016, Spain

A limited edition, perfectly portioned, rich and deep Garnacha from Spain. Canned Wine Co. Old Vine Garnacha is a full bodied and dry red wine from...

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from £5.49
Buy Canned Wine Co St Laurent Red Wine
from £5.49

Canned Wine Co. Vintage St Laurent 2018, Austria

A celebration of ripe red fruits, mulberries and spice. Canned Wine Co. St Laurent is a medium bodied red wine from Carnuntum, Austria. It's 100% ...

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from £5.49

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