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Article: Why order wine online? 5 compelling reasons

Why you should order wine online

Why order wine online? 5 compelling reasons

Shopping for wine in-store can be a tall order, but perhaps it’s time to put down your basket and open your browser.

Today, a plethora of exciting wines await, and buying the perfect variety has never been easier.

We’ve all been there - you’re going to your especially-sophisticated friend’s place for dinner and are staring, overwhelmed, at the wine aisle in your local supermarket and wondering what on earth you can buy as an offering.

Would she prefer red or white? Do you go for a safe sauvignon or try something a little more unusual? There is that one producer she mentioned that she loves, but of course the shop doesn’t stock something that specialist…

Shopping for wine in-store can be a tall order, and today, with every industry migrating to the Internet, perhaps it’s time to consider the variety and convenience the world wide web offers.

There are countless reasons to order wine online, but here are our top five points of persuasion.

Grapes and various wine varieties

1. Choose between various varieties

Even the largest store can only hold so many wines (unfortunately!). Physical shops tend to simply stock the most popular products that they know will sell, making for an often-predictable selection.

However, the internet is infinite, meaning you can choose from an unlimited number of wine varieties when you buy online. Web-based retailers are constantly sourcing interesting new wine varieties from grassroots vineyards and producers, meaning you can always find something intriguing to try.

2. Sample wines from lesser-known regions

When you walk through the aisles in search of a wine to accompany your dinner, which regions are you looking out for?

Do you consider yourself a fan of Californian varieties, New Zealand wines, or Italian grapes? This is all very well, but going for the wines from the same regions can restrict your exploration. And in the supermarket, it’s oh so tempting to keep going with the safe option.

Instead, browsing online you may be tempted by smooth red Uruguayan wines, high-altitude Indian wines, koshu-based Japanese wines, even Lebanese wines! Branch out to a distant locale or try something close to home with a Cornish wine or Wiltshire variety - the world is your wine glass!

Grace Koshu Kayagatake Japanese white wine

3. Find new wines for every occasion

Take out the guesswork involved in buying the right wine in-store by ordering online. Here, there are countless ways to find the perfect variety for your needs. Whether you’re looking for something similar to your favourite but with a little more body, searching for the perfect bottle to accompany a seafood dinner, or looking for a wine that will delight your vegan guest at dinner.

At Novel Wines, we have curated several helpful collections to guide your choices, allowing you to browse by body, style, food pairings and even veggie, vegan and organic wine options. Finding the perfect match doesn’t get any easier than this.

4. Unlimited information at the click of a mouse

Often, when we shop in-store for wines, we have to make our choice based on a vague, sentence-long blurb about the product, or simply make an assumption based on other wines we know from that region, or of that variety.

Online, however, there is a wealth of information available about each and every wine on the market. Browsing our selection of fine wines, you can read detailed information about each product in your own time, and compare wines to choose the perfect beverage for your preferences.

Become a wine sommelier with all this great information about our wines

5. We’ll make a sommelier out of you yet!

The more wines you sample, the more you are guaranteed to find that your taste for all things vino develops from pure pleasure to curiosity to learn. Ordering wine online opens the door to a world of information about wines, their ingredients, the history of different producers and regions, the best pairings and much more.

All of this will make your wine-drinking experience all the more sublime. Join our Explorer’s Club to try new wines every month and learn a thing or two to convince your friends and family that you’re a sommelier in the making.