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Article: 3 Romanian Wines To Sip This Halloween

3 Romanian Wines To Sip This Halloween

3 Romanian Wines To Sip This Halloween

Gusts of wind send chills down your spine. Fiery jack-o’-lanterns light up every doorstep - their grins gleaming at you as you walk home from work. Neighbours have begun to dress their abodes with haunting decorations.

These are all the uncanny signs that ol’ Hallows’ Eve is open us.

But remember, Halloween isn’t just for the kids. After all, what would be the fun in that? Whether you’re planning to dole out treats to the costume-clad or simply huddle under the blankets with a frightful box set, don’t forget to trick yourself with your own treat!

Why not get in the Halloween spirit with a tipple that will provide the perfect accompaniment to a spine-tingling evening? After all, the legend of Dracula originates from Transylvania in Romania. Plus, Romanian reds are particularly impressive and great value offering everything from rich, fruity, full-bodied options, to spicy wines packed with depth.

Here are three of our finest Romanian wines to quench your thirst for blood. We think these are perfect given both the UK and Romanian Halloween fall on the 31st.

And if you don’t happen to finish them all in one night, you can savour them again by chasing down the night of ghouls with the Day of the Dead on November 2nd (just don’t forget your sugar skull).

Budureasca Feteasca Neagra Spicy Romanian Red Wine

Succumb to this witch’s spell - Budureasca Premium Feteasca Neagra 2016, Romania

Are you one to cheekily scoff down all the dark chocolate and sweet treats you can on this chilling eve? Then you might want to try this instead. The velvety hints of this blood-rich, full-bodied red are sure to lull you into a deep trance while the laughter of children echoes through your street.

A veritable witches brew laced with dark berries, spices and grapes plucked from the bosom of the indigenous Feteasca Neagra vines, this mystical and characterful blend from the Budureasca winery is a testament to the formidable flavour Dracula’s country has to offer. If you’re a spicy Shiraz fan then you’ll find it’s reminiscent of this. Pair it with smoky meats fresh off the barbie (weather permitting) a mouthwatering piece of Ribeye or a hearty tomato sauce and pasta on this supernatural night. So delicious it’s sinful.

Domenile Sahateni Aurelia Visinescu Romanian Pinot Noir

Sip on this spooky spirit - Domeniile Sahateni Aurelia Visinescu 'Nomad' Pinot Noir 2015, Romania

Here’s something to really make those vamps roll about in their coffins. Usher in the witching hour with the warm caress of this contemporary Pinot Noir, imbued with phantom notes of bitter dark chocolate and raspberry. Created by Romanian vino darling Aurelia Visinescu, this wicked blend of ripe fruits is one to inspire those wine lovers after a bit of style and adventure.

This one is best enjoyed young and complements a Moussaka or roast lamb beautifully. Or, how about as an accompaniment to a few cheese-flavoured hors d’oeuvres - packed with mature cheddar, Stilton or Manchego? Better yet, use this fun wine to stir up a bit of magic with your friends by playing a few drinking games.

Balla Geza Feketeleanyka Red Wine from Romania

Let the Dark Maiden entrance you - Balla Geza Feketeleanyka 2017, Romania

For a night as black as ink, you’ll need something just as unearthly. Perhaps a maiden just as dark? For that’s what the Feteasca Neagra grape pretty much translates to - the ‘Black Maiden’.  And while she’s a cruel mistress, your taste buds with thank you for it.

This richly coloured ruby-red vino hails directly from the foothills of Arad, deep in Transylvania. Here, the grapes bask in the beautiful sunshine enriched by granite soil at world-renowned Minis vineyard. That is before they’re crushed, fermented and cast into a lush and unruly potion that will dazzle even the most stoic of wine enthusiasts. Blueberry, warm spice, and black cherries are all combined to produce a foreboding flavour, leaving you with a tangy accent after each sip.

Pair with some winter warmers, such as spicy sausages or a ghouly goulash, for the perfect autumnal meal. Now that’s pure witchcraft.

Happy Halloween!