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Meet our brand new Furmint: St. Donat Tropusi Laguna

Szent Donat winery, from Lake Balaton in Hungary, is one of our favourite wine producers for crisp, mineral styles of wine. So we were excited to taste their brand new Furmint single variety white wine from their 'Soil Series'. 

St. Donat Tropusi Laguna, translating to 'Tropical Lagoon', celebrates the terroir of the Szitahegy vineyards in Balaton. You can trace the volcanic soils here to the beginning of the geological periods, a time when dinosaurs roamed a Lagoon where today Lake Balaton sits.

The semi-arid, tropical climate and the shallow cool waters of the lake lend themselves to ripening a fruity, mineral style of Furmint. 

Try this wine today.

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