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Helping you pick the best wine just got even easier

We're excited to introduce our brand new Live Chat app,, is live on our website as of 24 June 2018. Just as England celebrate a delicious 6-1 win over rivals Panama in the World Cup, we're celebrating the fact that buying unique wine has never been easier.

You can now chat directly to our team - that's Ben, Gyorgy or Marina - through the chat on our website. We will personally help you select the finest wines to match your taste and budget.

As you're dealing with the experts, we can assure you quality guarantees that put us well and truly above our competitors.

So whether you're looking to stand out with unique wines at a dinner party, offer a loved one the perfect gift, or to simply try something new, talk to our team on Live Chat today and we'll be happy to help!


Ben & the team.

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