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Article: Champagne prices are going up again! It's time to drink English

Drink English sparkling wine

Champagne prices are going up again! It's time to drink English

Despite 2018 being one of the biggest bumper vintages ever seen in Champagne, grape prices are expected to rise as much as 5%. This news marks the tenth consecutive year of price rises for Champagne.

The grapes will likely reach a record high of £5.45/kilo. Interestingly, the rise isn't coming from the vineyards. Instead it's coming from the larger co-ops and Houses who want the value of Champagne to grow.

Not only are prices going to get higher for consumers but Champagne isn't what it used to be. The region is struggling more and more with preserving its acidity, largely due to rising climate temperatures. 

"Climate change is a reality," winemaker Antoine Malassagne told the drinks business in November. 

English fizz production set to double

While Champagne is still touted as home for the finest sparkling wines in the world, the English wine trade is fighting for the title. It's predicted production in the UK will double to over 10m bottles by 2020 (The Telegraph). 

Being from a colder climate we don't have so much of an issue with preserving acidity. Climate change is instead providing English sparkling wines with more ripeness, body and character. We can now effectively ripen Chardonnay and even Pinot Noir and Meunier. 

The English wine trade (and Wales for that matter) is also a start-up culture. It's thriving with innovation. Experimenting with everything from oaked Bacchus to bubbly Wurzer/Reichensteiner blends. It's an exciting place to buy wine.

Along with a world-class reputation, branding is also thriving. According to historical documents, Englishman Christopher Merret was also the very man who 'discovered' sparkling wine, some decades before Dom Perignon unwillingly created the sparkling Champagne, which he was to forever be famous for doing so.

So there's never been a better time to drink English fizz than today. We've got lots on offer to take advantage of but be sure to order before 18 December 2018, which is our cut-off for delivery this year!