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Pairing Cheese Posties With Fine Wines

We have some pretty exciting news for cheeselovers: we've discovered the ideal subscription package for you in Cheese Posties. These guys send out everything you need for a delicious cheese toastie in the post. 

To celebrate such an awesome subscription box, Cheese Posties founder Dave Rotheroe and our very own Ben Franks thought it would be an awesome idea to pair some wines with Dave's toasties.

Here's the result...

The wines we tried were the a'Beckett's Lynchets white wine from Wiltshire with the Nutty Goat toastie. Tasted so perfect! Notes of zippy lemon fruit and orchard apple just cut through the toastie's salty, goaty flavours and made the whole thing mellow gorgeously.

Del Pedregal Tannat was the next choice with Cheese Posties' big and bold Smokehouse toastie. The meaty, rich fruit flavours of our Tannat were just perfect for this toastie's delicious BBQ sauce.

Finally, we tried the Red Velvet toastie with our sweet, crushed apple Monsoon Valley Late Harvest Chenin Blanc dessert wine. That one was just pure indulgence!

You can subscribe and find out more about Cheese Posties here.

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