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Article: Best wines to enjoy with a vegetarian Christmas dinner

Best wines to enjoy with a vegetarian Christmas dinner

Best wines to enjoy with a vegetarian Christmas dinner

‘Tis the season for delicious, hearty eats and treats and for many that means a bountiful, plant-based Christmas dinner. Your nut roast is in the oven, your veggie stuffing is sizzling, but what about the wine? We’ve got that covered for you.

Over 95% of our wine list is vegetarian-friendly and we will always state whether our wines are suitable for vegans or vegetarians for your peace of mind.

Here’s our list of some of the best vegetarian wines to make your decision a little easier this Christmas;

Aldwick Jubilate English Rose Brut 2014, EnglandIn the mood for celebrating? With hints of a toasty brioche, this pink fizz will pair perfectly with your Christmas Breakfast, because let’s face it – it’s never too early to celebrate on Christmas morning! It’s also a great option for any Vegan friends that pop by to wish you a Merry one.  

Babylonstoren Babel 2017, South Africa  - It’s time to sit down to the big event – Christmas Dinner. This is the ultimate red to get you going and pairs beautifully with your stuffed red pepper starter. This wine is spicy, luscious and moreish. When you take a sip of the Bordeaux-style blend at the dinner table, you’ll contemplate red berries and chocolate.

Eschenhof Holzer Invader Orange 2016, Austria When you think of Christmas smells, spiced orange is always high up on the list. Well, this Winemaker has done something very unique.  During the process, the skin of the Müller-Thurgau grapes is left on for a few weeks, creating an aromatic, spicy, blood orange wine. This is a perfect accompaniment with a goats cheese and butternut squash based dish and delectably different. A great conversation starter!

Camel Valley Bacchus Dry 2016, England - Dreaming of a white Christmas? If red isn’t your thing, this white is something very special. In fact, this is the first English still wine to be granted Protected Designation of Origin status in the EU. The crisp, dry, citrus flavours cut through cheeses and compliments your roasted vegetables superbly. A must at any Christmas dinner table

Kardos Tundermese “Fairytale” 2016, Hungary –  You’re satisfyingly full and you’ve undone a notch on your belt, but there’s always room for pudding.  Whether you stay traditional with a Yule Log or push the boat out with a crème brulee, ‘Fairytale’ is everyone’s favourite dessert wine. The seasonal flavours of honey, quince and pear create a luscious sweet wine, which always proves to be a crowd pleaser.

DiBonis '1697 Blend' 2009, Serbia - Finishing off your Christmas dinner with a vegetarian cheese board is the ideal finale and this wine will make it festive and special. The intense ‘1697 blend’ is chock- full of dried fruit flavours, which pairs magnificently with strong cheeses. Imagine cosying around an open fire with the distinct aromas of black cherry, pepper and chocolate from this luxurious red. Wonderful.