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Testament Winery

Testament is a winery steeped in history and based in the sun-drenched region of north Dalmatia around the town of Sibenik. The wines here are made under the eye of head winemaker Juraj Sladic.

The winery calls itself “Testament” to mean a testament to the history of winemaking around Sibenik. Over 2,000 years ago, the Romans left behind the hypocaust, a kind of central heating that was used to mature harvested grapes; 102 amphorae, used to transport wine and olive oil, found buried deep in the Adriatic Sea; and inventor Faust Vrancic’s Machina Nova, an ancient wine press. Today, Testament aims to celebrate these routes and the indigenous grapes that have grown in Dalmatia for millennium.

Dalmatia, with its rocky landscapes, islands and hillsides has an infinite variety of microclimates resulting in a winegrowing area where terroir is a crucially important factor. Testament’s microclimate means its Posip and Barbic wines are truly unique, so if you enjoy the style there’s no-one better!

Testament Winery

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