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Strawbar is an all-new spirit unlike any other. The spirit is distilled entirely from strawberries grown in Florina, a region in north-west Greece. Instead of joining the array of fruit liqueurs on the market, Strawbar is a high quality premium spirit made for sipping or premium cocktails. It has already received critical acclaim with mixologists in London and to date there are two labels: Origin (40.0%) and Platinum (45.0%). 

Distillers Maria and Vasi decided to make Strawbar to ensure Florina's strawberries didn't go to waste. These tiny, organic strawberries are so delicate so need to be picked, sorted and washed by hand. They are then gently pressed and distilled into Strawbar. As the berries are nutrient-rich and full of antioxidants, the pulp and pips are recycled for a range of organic skin creams and scrubs - nothing goes to waste!

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