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75% of Nahe's 4,155 hectares (just over 10,000 acres) of vines are white grape varieties, of which over a quarter is planted with Riesling. Wine has been grown in the Nahe as early as 778 AD and was defined as a quality wine region under German law in 1971. The soil types across the Nahe are richly varied due to the region's volcanic origins, leading to a whole array of wine styles. Today, Nahe is recognised as one of Germany's finest Riesling wine regions, alongside its neighbours the Mosel Valley and Rheingau.

The region surrounds the Nahe river, which helps to moderate a temperature climate across the region. Soonwald ranges to the northeast and rocky foothills to the east help retain heat and moderate rainfall, both of which are key to longer ripening peiods. Most vineyards sit on steep slopes along the Nahe at up to 300 metres above sea level. The Bad Kreuznach area is well known for its clay and loess-based soils, ideal for making fruitier styles of wine.

Unfortunately we don't currently have stock of wines from Nahe. Why not try these great wines from the Pfalz region instead?

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