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The wonderful winemaker behind the Grace Koshu Kayagatake is the extraordinarily talented Ayana Misawa, who took over from her father Shigekazu Misawa and today produces some of Japan's finest wines. Her father, Mr Shigekazu, still works in the Grace Winery and is an ambassador for the Koshu grape variety marketing body, Koshu of Japan (KOJ).

The Grace Winery can trace its history back to 1923 and is today recognised as one of Japan's top wineries. Ayana Misawa, a pioneering female winemaker, is not only the craftsman behind Grace's most recent success but she is also one of the friendliest and most exciting wine producers we've met. Her passion for great quality Koshu is infectious.

One thing that sets Japanese drinks production apart from the rest of the world - whether it be sake, whisky or wine - is the attention to detail. The product they create is not simply delicious but full of subtle nuances. You can spend all day tasting the Koshu varietals from Grace and not get bored.

In Katsunama, where you'll find the Grace Winery, is said to be the birthplace of modern Japanese winemaking. It was here where European viticulture, such as long cordon-training, Vertical Shoot Positioning and quality pruning methods began for Japan as recently as 1990. These modern methods retain the vital delicate characteristics of the Koshu grape in the resulting wines.

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