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In Limassol, Cyprus, you will find some of the highest vineyards in all of Europe. The area is part of the wider Pitsilia region, which runs through the peaks of the Troodos Mountains. The tallest, Olympus, is some 1,950m high and from here tourists can look out over Pitsilia’s stunning vineyards.

Limassol is made up of steep vineyards on the southern slopes of the Troodos. Every accessible slope here has been cultivated as the locals see the land as a ‘gift from God’. As well as wine grapes, almond trees, olive groves, apples and walnuts are planted across the Limassol slopes. Further south is the great Limassol forest.

The region enjoys a moderate Mediterranean climate. However, in Winter the temperature can drop below 0 in the night. During the summer months, Limassol has a similar climate to that of Bordeaux, allowing viticulturists to slowly ripen their grapes but making harvest difficult due to cold and rainfall.

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