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The Camlica family has been farming in Luleburgaz, Eastern Thrace since 1936. The first generation of the family immigrated from Kubadin, Razgrad, in northeastern Bulgaria. Mustafa Camlica, a prominent fine wine investor from the third generation of the family to live in Turkey, is the name behind this very ambitious project. The boutique winery is named after his daughter, who also designs all the labels.

All Chamlija's vineyards are located in Kirklareli Province. The Bulgarian name of Kirklareli was Lozengrad, which means "The city of Vines". They currently have 85 hectares under vine. The plantings are some of the highest density in the Balkans and Turkey, ranging from 5,000 to 6,666 vines per hectare, with some vineyards even at 10,000! The aim of high-density planting is to enhance quality and encourage deep root systems to express the full potential of the terroir. The local Strandja Mountains also have a dominant effect on the estate's vineyard, soils and climates.

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