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Furmint February Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Furmint is the most important white wine grape variety in Hungary. The variety is internationally famed for its Tokaj sweet wines and breaking new ground as a world class dry white wine.

Tokaj sweet wines, once the most expensive in the world, are known as the wines 'of kings and the king of wines'.

Furmint February is a celebration of this fabulous grape. Its trademark acidity and structure make it suitable for a diverse range of wines. Planted on the volcanic soils and variable mesoclimates of Tokaj in north-east Hungary, no two Furmints are the same, giving consumers a real choice of styles to buy.

Throughout February, we will be showcasing our Furmint wine producers and sharing insight into this exciting grape variety. We would love you to give Furmint a taste in the next few weeks, so to get you prepared we've curated all our Furmints into one collection.

Browse Furmint Wines Here >

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