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Article: Join us for Furmint February 2.0 in London, 29 January 2020

Join us for Furmint February 2.0 in London, 29 January 2020

Join us for Furmint February 2.0 in London, 29 January 2020

Furmint February is celebrated across the globe each year. The aim is to showcase and share experiences of the Furmint variety, the most important grape in Hungarian winemaking, which creates a whole host of diverse wines.

We're excited to announce Wines of Hungary UK will be bringing their flagship Furmint event to the UK for a second time. The event will celebrate 20 years of dry Furmint being produces in Hungary, along with fantastic sparkling Furmints and the traditional sweet wines, Szamorodni and Aszu.

Furmint February 2.0 Trade and Customer Event

The Furmint February event will be hosted at Merchant Taylor's Hall in central London on 29 January 2020, marking the beginning of Furmint February 2020. There is a trade event during the day, 1-5pm (register here), but the consumer event will kick-off in the evening from 5-8pm.

You can book your place now by visiting the event website here. Tickets are £27.00 and include the opportunity to taste over 150 Furmint wines. Use the code NovelWines25 and you can also get 25% off the ticket price. These include some of the best examples in the world.

Our own selection of Furmint wines will be available to try, such as Sanzon Tokaj, Kardos, Tokaj Nobilis, Peter Pince, Szent Donat and more, alongside over 30 other producers.

Furmint February selection of wines

Throughout the month of February, importers and retailers will be putting Furmint in the spotlight as they embark on activities such as tastings, dinners and special offers, all designed to help wine lovers in the UK taste and learn more about this grape variety. 

Furmint has been gaining more and more recognition in the UK, so now is right time to shine a light on this exceptional grape variety. Consumers are invited to share their Furmint experiences on social media for a chance to win a case of Furmint every Friday in February using #furmintfebruary20 hashtag.