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Article: How to Taste Wine: The Palate Test "Sweetness"

Novel Wines - Sweetness in Wine

How to Taste Wine: The Palate Test "Sweetness"

This is the final episode for our Palate Test, the introduction 3-parter to our all-new wine web series Novel Wines with Yaz and Ben. After we've tackled sweetness in the video below we'll be moving on to taste a new wine from our range every week!

In the final Palate Test it's all about how we describe a wine as "dry". To help us understand this observation all you need is some granulated sugar, lemon juice, water and honey. We look at how a dry wine (wine without sugar) can make your mouth feel "dry" due to acidity without balance. When we combine the sugar with the lemon juice, a whole new experience is revealed with everything neatly in balance!

Remember: we may all like different wines but an objectively good wine is always a balanced one. It has to be balanced to our tastes and what we enjoy for us to discover that new favourite tipple we keep coming back to.

Without furtherado, enjoy!

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