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You will find wines from all over the world on our list but perhaps not from regions you know for their wine. Ben & Gyorgy's passion has led to creating one of the UK's best country-wide wine lists for English and Hungarian wines, along with an ever-growing selection of wines from Croatia. 

Surrounding Croatia and Hungary, we have curated wines from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey, Greece and many more. You'll also find familiar wine growing nations like South Africa, Germany and Austria that we believe people should try wines from more often. However, we also stock many stunning Asian wines from Lebanon to the more unusual destinations of Japan, Thailand and India.

Wherever our wine is from the process for choosing each bottle remains the same. Every wine is individually tasted by both Ben & Gyorgy and only the best are chosen for our wine list. This means that whichever wine you choose to explore we know you will be trying the best examples for the value.

What you certainly won't find here are the "classics". There's many wine merchants who already sell amazing wines from France, Spain, Italy and beyond but we set out to do something different from day one. We want you to be adventurous with your wine tastes and step outside the box to try something new.

"Novel Wines has one of the best range of English wines I've seen."
- Ian Abrahams DipWSET, Wine Educator

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We want to be the UK's leading retailer for curious and unique wines, so if you think there's a bottle of wine or two that we should know about it we want to hear from you. You can get in touch with us here and we will reward you if we love your recommendation!


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