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Our Promise

At Novel Wines we believe in sustainable, ethical business. That's why we promise to fulfil our values set out below in everything that we do. 

Novel Wines is a green, ethically minded retailer

We love green.

All our mail-safe wine boxes are recyclable. We pack them using cardboard and airsac plastic, which guarantees safe delivery to you, but both are also fully recyclable across the UK. The good news is that the airsac packaging is fully recyclable plastic (low density polythene and nylon), reduces packaging waste by reducing the amount of packaging we use in our orders by up to 40% and its light weight (its 98% air) meaning there's less vehicle transportation impact as well. Tape used for our packages is made from recyclable paper. From time to time, especially for local deliveries, we may repack in boxes supplied to us to reduce the amount of packaging we use. 

You'll also notice we never send you lots of paper, unlike some wine companies. We would rather you opted in to hear from us by email so we can keep our carbon footprint minimal!

We also work with our winemakers to encourage them to go lighter with their glass bottles, reducing our carbon footprint at real scale.

Novel Wines happy customers

We love happy customers.

We provide a quality guarantee on every wine we sell. It's vital to us you get your wines and spirits in the condition they are supposed to be enjoyed. If you ever think that you haven't had the best experience, let us know and we will remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Novel Wines is honestly priced

We love honest prices.

As we're a small business we don't discount very often. However, we always guarantee honestly-priced products that give fair value to both you, the consumer, and our winemakers who pour their hearts and souls into every bottle they make.

Novel Wines supports charity Frank Water and YENA

We love giving back.

Our official charity partner is FRANK Water, a Bristol-based charity who are doing fantastic work bringing clean water to hundreds of thousands of people in India. We have seen the amazing work they do and love giving them our support.

Alongside FRANK, we also support the Young Entrepreneur Networking Association, better known as Yena, who bring together budding entrepreneurs with exceptional ideas. We often find ourselves employing many Yena freelancers as well!

An accessible approach to wine by Novel Wines

We love that wine is for everyone, anywhere.

There are no wine snobs here. Wine, like food, is wonderful to explore and enjoy. We're not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't drink but to guide you through a world of truly unique, delicious wines. We hope you love them as much as we do...