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"Alongside selling truly unique wines there are 3 very important things we try to do every day as a business: give back to our community; encourage drinking in moderation through education about alcohol; and work in a sustainable way to ensure we can carry on sharing fantastic wines in the future."

Ben and Gyorgy - founders of Novel Wines online wine merchant - promise to keep up our commitments and business ethics
Meet the people we work with at Novel Wines - YENA, Drink Aware, Frank Water, Vin2o, English Wine Producers and more

Giving Back

Novel Wines and YENA - a founding business member

We are a founding member of the Young Entrepreneur's Networking Association, AKA YENA. As young founders ourselves, supporting the next generation of big ideas is vital to us. We help spread YENA's awareness and promote their ambitions to wield the next generation with the skills they need to be successful in business.

Novel Wines supports FRANK Water by fundraising for the Bristol-based charity and through stocking wines from social enterprise Vin2o

We work with FRANK Water at fundraising events and also through selling wines from Vin2o. Run by Chris Coles, Vin2o imports wines from France and Spain. Chris then donates a portion of all Vin2o wines' profits to the Bristol-based charity FRANK Water, who support clean water projects in India. Donate to FRANK here.


Novel Wines supports its business community locally as a committee member on the Federation of Small Businesses Bath

We work with the Federation of Small Businesses because we believe every small business should have a voice. Ben Franks also gets involved at local level to help businesses thrive in the south west community. He is currently Secretary of the Bath branch committee.

Novel Wines is a featured English wine stockist on English Wine Producers since 2016

We work closely with English Wine Producers, the marketing body behind English wines, to help promote this great home-grown industry. We are on the EWP's list of recommended retailers and we're ecstatic to have one of the leading selections of English wines in the UK.

Drinking Responsibly

Novel Wines is a strong supporter of drinking responsibly and the DrinkAware scheme - for the facts about alcohol

Ever since getting into the trade both Ben and Gyorgy have been vocal supporters of the Drink Aware campaign. Drink Aware supports independent, unbiased research into the harmful effects of drinking. If you think you or someone you know is drinking too much, read this.

West of England Wine and Spirits Trust - Novel Wines founder Ben Franks is a committee member

Our co-founder Ben Franks sits on the committee of the West of England Wine & Spirits Association. The Association oversees educational training for the WSET in the West of England. At Novel Wines we are firm believers that education is the best way for people to make informed decisions about drinking alcohol.

A Sustainable Business

Honestly Priced

Every supplier and producer we buy from puts a huge amount of love and labour into their craft. In return we promise to pay them a great price for their products. Our list has been curated to feature a wide range of wines to cater for all budgets. Try something new: click here.

Veggie & Vegan friendly

Did you know a vast number of our wines are vegetarian and vegan friendly? Almost by accident! We now have one of the leading wine lists featuring vegetarian and vegan friendly wines in the UK! Organic and biodynamic viticulture is also a growing field for us.

Careful Curation

We don't just taste-test every one of our wines before putting it on our wine list. We also carry out careful due dilligence to make sure we're buying from producers and supply chains who abide by the law and have environmental and welfare values at their core.

Green Thinking

We're big on being green when it comes to the environment. We do our bit by packaging with recyclable materials, consciously choosing wines with light glass bottles, and we're printing less every day. We know we could be doing more so click here to let us know where we can improve.

What's the best way to taste our wines?

Join the Club.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to explore our wine selection is by joining The Explorer's Club. Every 1, 2 or 3 months - whatever suits you - we send you a case of hand-selected quality wines.

In every case you'll also enjoy a free gift, a letter from Ben & Gyorgy introducing you to the wines along with full tasting notes, and a special offer on the wines if you find something you love!

You can choose from three packages:

  • By the Bottle Subscription (from £29/mo.) - Enjoy a new bottle of wine each delivery with full tasting notes. This is an excellent gift.
  • Globetrotter Subscription (from £79/mo.) - Our most popular package! Enjoy 6 premium wines every delivery and save 10% when you subscribe.
  • Aventurer Subscription (from £109/mo.) - The choice for true wine lovers! Enjoy 6 ultra-premium, hand-chosen wines every delivery. Luxury drinking!

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