Kardos Dry Furmint 2017, Hungary

Hungarian Wines

Dry white wine, 75cl. 100% Furmint from Tokaj, Hungary. 13.0% ABV. Suitable for Vegans.

Kardos' benchmark white wine. The fruit was picked from 20 year old vines in the south-facing Arany Sajgo vineyard in Tokaj. Grown on volcanic soils, they ripen with lots of fruit character and electric acidity. Kardos Furmint is aged for 3 months in tank before being bottled, resulting in a wine that's layered with flavours of zingy gooseberries, ripe pears and limes. The finish is crisp, dry and mouth-watering.

Pairs beautifully with: Seafood linguine, fresh green salads with cherry tomatoes, stuffed bell peppers or honey-lime chicken.

Cheese pairing: Grilled halloumi, Timsbury Ash Pyramid goat's cheese or Ewes' milk cheddar.

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