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Article: Meet the legend! Dr Endre Demeter

Meet the legend! Dr Endre Demeter

Meet the legend! Dr Endre Demeter

Alongside Istvan Szepsy, Dr Endre Demeter has established himself as one of the leading lights of the Tokaj region in Hungary.

Endre Demeter, winemaker at Demetervin in TokajEndre Demeter, winemaker at Demetervin

Demeter owns vineyards in some of the finest locations in and around the village of Mad, the most sought-after place in the Tokaj wine region.

Focusing on the indigenous Furmint grape variety, the soils and microclimates across his parcels give each wine its own distinctive character, offering wine drinkers top quality across a range of styles as diverse as Burgundy, despite coming from the same variety.

Few pieces of land are prized more than Demeter's Uragya 57 parcel, a hillside site with volcanic bedrock and red clay, planted with 99 year old vines. Demeter cultivates his entire estate organically and harvests by hand, but the position of his Uragya parcels lead to some of the best quality, mineral-rich white wines we've ever enjoyed.

While you can try Endre Demeter's incredible skill for winemaking with his elegant estate Furmint, or indulge in an expertly-made sweet nectar with his Tokaji Szamorodni from the brilliant 2013 vintage, it's the rare treat of his Uragya 57 that proves Tokaj is one of the finest wine regions on the planet.

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