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Watch our Tasting Week video special series in full!

From 3 August to 8 August in 2020, wine buyer Ben Franks shared a whole week's video masterclass on the basics of wine tasting.

Each day, Ben introduced customers to a new element of wine tasting. We covered Body, Acidity, Tannin, Sweetness, Alcohol and Balance, along with recommendations of what wines to drink to get a sense of each element.

You can discover the full series below, or click here to watch the playlist on Youtube.

Day one: Understanding how to taste BODY in your wine

Day two: Understanding how to taste ACIDITY in your wine

Day three: Understanding how to taste TANNIN in your wine

Day four: Understanding how to taste SWEETNESS in your wine

Day five: Understanding how to taste ALCOHOL in your wine

Day six: Understanding how to taste BALANCE in your wine

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