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Article: Bristol's Burger Queen Natalie Brereton talks wine and food with Novel Wines

Natalie Brereton Bristol Burger Queen

Bristol's Burger Queen Natalie Brereton talks wine and food with Novel Wines

Ben caught up with Natalie Brereton, self-appointed Burger Queen, to chat all things food and wine. Ever wondered where the best place to eat in Bristol is? How can you impress your date through their belly? Watch the video below to find out more:

Blogger over at Stuffed, Natalie is a foodie of the best kind: no snobbery, just great flavour. Locally-renowned for her love of burgers, Natalie shares some of Bristol's best food destinations.

Along the way we also introduce her to the best pairings with Chinese food and sausage rolls, as well as indulging in a glass of delicious English fizz. What more could you ask for?

Natalie Brereton on the way to a man's heart

What wines did we taste?

Cottonworth Classic Cuvée, England

Multi-award winning English fizz from Hugh Lidell in Hampshire. This bubbly is one for the connoisseurs. Green apple mousse with zippy grapefruit citrus and a buttery finish. Buy wine.

Kabola Organic Vrhunsko Malvasija, Croatia

An organic white wine from a family vineyard in Istria, Croatia. This herby and rounded white wine is a great food partner. Full of mouth-watering tropical fruit and herbaceous undertones. Buy wine.

Kardos Dry Furmint, Hungary

A classic dry white single varietal wine from the volcanic terroir of Tokaj. Made by Gabor Kardos, this is a fab introduction to Hungarian wine. Beautifully balanced! Buy wine.

Dunleavy Vineyards Pinot Noir Rosé, England

One of Bristol's best wine-makers, Ingrid Bates specialises specifically in rosé. It's dry but bursting with strawberries and cream. The balance and acidity make it a lovely match with sweet and sour Chinese cuisine. Buy wine.

Monsoon Valley Podkum Shiraz, Thailand

This wonderfully fruity number from Prachuaap Khiri Khan in Thailand is full of plummy ripe fruit. It's a great choice with sausage rolls thanks to the hint of sweetness in the wine but if you want a classier pairing drink it with Thai pan-fried duck and a soy sauce. Buy wine.

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