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Full Bodied Wines

Big, bold, hearty styles of wine

From lip-smacking, memorable fizz to tropical white wines, powerful red wines and indulgent sweet tipples, the full bodied category is a real customer favourite. Discover our hand-selected full bodied wines below:

Ilocki Podrumi Traminac Premium Croatian white wine also known as Gewurztraminer

Ilocki Podrumi Traminac Premium 2016, Croatia


Dry white wine, 75cl. Full bodied 100% Traminac from The Danube, Croatia. 13.0% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians.  The Med's take on Gewurztraminer. ...

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Ilocki Podrumi Grasevina Velika Barba The Great Vintage 2011 is now available in the UK

Ilocki Podrumi Graševina Velika Berba Great Vintage 2011, Croatia


Dry white wine, 75cl. Full bodied 100% Grasevina from The Danube, Croatia. 13.5% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians.  Box included. This ultra-rare mo...

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