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Canned Wine Co.

Simon and Lisa, founders of Canned Wine Co., are passionate about making exciting, unusual and delicious wines accessible to everyone. They source wines and can in smaller formats so that you can discover something remarkable without having to spend more. Their philosophy is wine should never be about complicated jargon or assumed knowledge. Instead the wines are all about the flavours, grapes, aromas and textures. 

As their wines are smaller servings, you don’t have to drink too much or throw away half a bottle. The cans are infinitely recyclable and can be enjoyed on the go, with a picnic, at home, or whenever you feel like! 

The juice used for Canned Wine Co. is sourced by Novel Wines' buyer Ben Franks.

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Grenache Rosé 2020, France
from £5.50

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Grenache Rosé 2020, France

Perfectly portioned, bright rose wine full of clementines, summer berries and butterscotch notes. Dry rose wine, 250ml. Medium bodied 100% Grenache...

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from £5.50

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