Johann Donabaum Riesling Bergterrassen Federspiel 2016

by Weingut Johann Donabaum
Austrian Wine

Dry white wine, 75cl. Medium bodied and racy 100% Riesling from Wachau, Austria. 12.5% ABV. Suitable for Vegans.

Racy and mouthwatering Austrian Riesling with floral aromas with juicy flavours of apricot, apple, peach and citrus spice. The long, creamy finish is full of refreshing minerality. A star buy.

Pairs beautifully with: Mediterranean-style baked sole fish fillets with parmesan, tomato and herbs.

Cheese pairing: Ossau-Iraty sheep's milk cheese.

About Johann Donabaum | Grapes Dictionary

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