Tandem 'Ars Nova' Cabernet Tempranillo Merlot 2013, Spain

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Dry red wine, 75cl. Full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot blend from Navarra, Spain. 14.5% ABV. Suitable for Vegans.

This blend, from the critically-acclaimed Tandem winery in Navarra, is an elegant, warming and full-bodied style. It's overflowing with dark fruits and chocolate with hints of wild scrubland herbs. Delightful, long-lasting and mouth-coating with complex layers of fruit maturity and hints of vanilla. 

Pairs beautifully with: Slow-cooked casseroles, roasted red meat and game.  

Cheese pairing: Oak-smoked Cheddar or gooey Reblochon.

About Tandem | Grapes Dictionary

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