Mesta Organic Tempranillo 2017, Spain

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Dry red wine, 75cl. Medium bodied Tempranillo and Syrah blend from Ucles in Central Castile, Spain. 14.0% ABV. Organic.

This is a pure expression of Tempranillo, the grape variety most often found in Rioja. Here it is grown in the northernmost part of Central Castile and it is unoaked, highlighting fruit-forward aromas of berries, rosemary and liquorice. This fresh nose is reflected on the palate with a rounded, dry finish. 

Pairs beautifully with: Tapas, grilled meat, chorizo and spicy pasta sauces. 

Cheese pairing: Goat's milk cheddar, crumbly Feta or Halloumi.

About Mesta | Grapes Dictionary

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