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Jackfall Cabernet Franc 2012, Hungary

Hungarian Wines

Dry red wine, 75clFull bodied 100% Cabernet Franc from VillanyHungary. 14.0% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Special offer! Ends 31 October 2019. Bright and expressive, winemaker András Kőszeli takes Cabernet Franc - the speciality grape of Villany in southern Hungary - and showcases the unique climate and terroir of his vines. The result is a robust, rustic take on Cab Franc with aromas of smoked meat, black plum and bramble, leading into a palate that's full of crunchy cherry fruit, hints of black pepper spice and elegant minerality.

Pairs beautifully with: Portabello mushrooms, green olives, grilled steak or lamb chops. Also a great partner with authentic goulash. 

Cheese pairing: Palhais Portuguese goat's cheese because it's got a sweet, salty twang.

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