Idaia Dafnes Vidiano 2017, Greece

Greek Wines

Dry white wine, 75cl. 100% Vidiano (pronounced Vid-ee-an-oh) from Dafnes in Crete, Greece. 13.0% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Zippy and delicate, we are excited to introduce this delicate white wine from the Dafnes region of Crete. Created by family winery Idaia, this single variety Vidiano has aromas of pear and melon leading into a refreshing palate of lemon and lime citrus. A little weighted with a long and impressive finish, this is pure holiday drinking! 

Pairs beautifully with: Seafood, especially crab or mackerel, fruity desserts, lemon chicken or grilled Mediterranean veg.

Cheese pairing: Light, crumby goat's cheese or Basque sheep's milk cheese.

About Idaia | Grapes Dictionary

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