Heimann Kadarka 2017, Hungary

Hungarian Wines

Dry red wine, 75cl100% Kadarka from SzekszardHungary. 13.0% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Young winemaker Zoltán Jr. continues his family's dedication to innovation with a crop of seven clones of Kadarka vines planted on the loess-covered hills of Szekszard. Extracting the best character from his fruit, this beaming example of Kadarka is ultra-light with intense red berries, hints of pepper and liquorice.

You'll like this if you like... Pinot Noir.

Pairs beautifully with: Pork stews, chorizo pasta dishes, grilled Mediterranean vegetables, or pizza.

Cheese pairing: Gouda or Edam.

About Heimann | Grapes Dictionary

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