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For the Riesling Lovers, 6 Bottle Mixed Case Deal


Six bottles that offer something truly exciting and different for the Riesling fan.

Suitable for Vegans. Treat yourself to:

2 x Chateau Mercian Yamanashi Koshu Sur Lie, Japan (RRP £15.99 each). Classy white wine with delicate layers of grapefruit, lemon peel and flint.

1 x Anton Finkenauer Kreuznacher Riesling QbA Trocken, Germany (RRP £11.49 each). Young, dry and fruity Riesling from the Nahe with with plenty of melon and peach.

1 x Bibo Runge Rheingau Riesling, Germany (RRP £19.99 each). Ripe aromas of apple, peach and apricot with electric acidity on the finish.

1 x Sabar Keknyelu Komagas, Hungary (RRP £12.99 each). Rare white grape that gives you a flinty, sherbety palate and vivid floral aromas.

1 x Sanzon Tokaj Rany Furmint, Hungary (RRP £16.49 each). Silky and fresh white wine with layers of waxy lemon, juicy stone fruits and green apples.

RRP £93.44, yours for £83.

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