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In 2016 we ran a crowdfunding campaign for £5,000 to see if our idea was popular enough to get stuck in. We were honoured to receive funding and support from the below customer heroes! Thank you for making this a reality.

Adrian Franks
Angela MacAusland
Ann Stewart
Catherine Complin
Chris Coles
Dani Guinsberg
Daniel O’Keefe
Danny Smyth
David Jarman
David Nutley
Dawn Jones
Debra Franks
Edit Zsiga
Elizabeth Jones
Gabor Horvath
Geraldine Allen
Happy Hungarian Wine
Harry Thick
Ilona Suschitzky
Jason Franks
Jason Rogers
Jenny Needham
Judit Beregszaszi
Julie Springett
Kayla Clibborn
Kim Harkett
Lyndon Jones
Malcolm Needham
Mark Dagger
Marta Gabor
Martin Griffin
Mel Hardingham
Melinda Gerencser
Neil Archer
Ness Guinsberg
Niamh Harkett
Nikki Lewton
Peter Guinsberg
Peter Hill
Richard Lines
Robert Malin
Scott Wheeler-Osman
Stephanie Winnard
Sue Lines
Tessa Kerslake
Tor Eigeland
Tracey Smyth
Yvette James
Zoe Bailey

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