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What Wines To Pair With Game

Wine and Game Pairings

Proper game dishes should always call for a special wine to be paired with. Kekfrankos will pair beautifully with roast guinea fowl and if you're having braised pheasant, Tikves Barovo, a Northern Macedonian wine, will be a great match. 

A Pinot Noir will bring out the best of a warm pigeon salad (and vice-versa!) and Oliver Zeter's 2016 Pinot Noir Reserve is really something special. 

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Old Vine Garnacha 2016, Spain Sale
from £5.49

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Old Vine Garnacha 2016, Spain

A limited edition, perfectly portioned, rich and deep Garnacha from Spain. Canned Wine Co. Old Vine Garnacha is a full bodied and dry red wine from...

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from £5.49

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