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What Wines To Pair With Fresh Fruit

Whatever lovely fresh fruit you have managed to source, be it figs, peaches, melons or even guava, we encourage you to start discovering exciting wine and  fruit pairings!

When opting for fresh fruit as a dessert, as sweet dessert wine such as Tokaj is a great match. If someone has made a raspberry Pavlova, or any other meringue and berry dish, drink some rosé with it (thank us later)! For a classic strawberries and cream, a fresh sparkling wine is the way to go - why not try one of our English sparkling wines? There are few things nicer than a warm summer afternoon drinking fizz and savouring fresh fruit with your loved ones!

The wines in this collection will also pair beautifully with fresh and fruity summer dishes such as a watermelon, mint and feta salad. 

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Grenache Rosé 2020, France
from £5.49

Canned Wine Co. Vintage Grenache Rosé 2020, France

Perfectly portioned, bright rose wine full of clementines, summer berries and butterscotch notes. Dry rose wine, 250ml. Medium bodied 100% Grenache...

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from £5.49

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