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Vegetarian Wines

We're proud to say that over 90% of our wine list is made up of vegetarian-friendly, quality wines. Most of these wines are also suitable for Vegans but in some cases egg whites are used for fining (clarifying) the wine. We state on all our wines whether they are suitable vegans or vegetarians so you can buy wine with peace of mind.

Buy Del Pedregal Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine from Uruguay

Del Pedregal Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Uruguay


Dry red wine, 75cl. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Canelones, Uruguay. 13.5% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians. Smoked garnet colours with a nose of swe...

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Antigua Bodega Stagnari Del Pedregal Sangiovese Red Wine from Uruguay

Del Pedregal Sangiovese 2011, Uruguay


Dry red wine, 75cl. 100% Sangiovese from Canelones, Uruguay. 13.0% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians. What happens when you take the great Italian Chi...

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