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TR Wines

Tállya Radicals (AKA "TR" Wines) are a group of young wine enthusiasts who are focused on rejuvenating the wine trade in Tállya village, located in Tokaj. TR is a small but focused project, with a 3.5 hectare estate at Palota vineyard. Here, the volcanic soils are ideal for growing slow-ripened Furmint that balances sugars and acidity while showcasing the terroir character of the vines. They are organic and working towards certification in 2020/21. 
TR Muvek Furmint 2017, Hungary
from £14.99

TR Muvek Furmint 2017, Hungary

Soft, bold Furmint from Tállya village with fresh citrus, peach and almond notes. TR Muvek Furmint is a dry white wine from Tokaj, Hungary. It's ...

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from £14.99

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