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Tanzberg Mikulov

Founded in 1999, Tanzberg Mikulov is a wine company specialising in premium still and sparkling wines from the Mikulov region. The family is headed by Vladimir Zelensky and manage more than 50 hectares of vines around three key villages: Mikulov itself, Bavory and Perna. Vladimir and his team aim to showcase Czech terroir by focusing on growing great grapes, as good wine starts with the love in the vineyard.

The vines in Milkulov are centred around the Palava hills and the area is known as one of the oldest and most famous wine-growing regions in the Czech Republic. It is in South Moravia and is formed mainly of Jurassic limestone with deposits of sandstones and calcareous loess, giving great freshness to its wines. The climate is continental, so the high diurnal range between warm days and cold nights also helps to preserve acidity. Grapes are harvested late and by hand to give extra concentration.

Tanzberg Mikulov

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