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Sant'Or Winery

Sant'Or is located outside the city of Patra in the Peloponnese, Greece. The winery is owned by local grower Panagiotis Dimitropoulos who inherited the vineyard from his father and generations of growers before him. Panagiotis aims to continue the family tradition as authentically as possible with a focus on Greek grape varieties. His vines sit 600m above sea level and are rain-fed, with no irrigation and a biodynamic approach to viticulture. His 4.5 hectares are certified organic. The soils are a mix of schist, clay and loam and contribute to a healthy set of vines. Panagiotis wildly ferments his wines with a low interventionist approach in the winery, before ageing them in clay amphoras, cement or old oak. We're extremely excited to introduce these delicious, low sulphur wines to the Novel Wines range.

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