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Paso-Primero, Somontano Winery in Spain

Paso-Primero is a family owned company run by winemakers Thomas and Emma Holt. It is located in Somontano (meaning "foot of the mountain" after its proximity to the Pyrenes Mountains) in northern Aragon, Spain. The pair began their wine journey in their hometown of Shrewsbury at Tanners Wine Merchants and discovered a diverse range of wines. The experience they gained ignited a passion for wine that took the pair all over the world, learning the craft, art and science behind wine. That dream came true with the Paso-Primero label. 

The winery focuses on fruit-driven, easy going wines. Taking advantage of the local climate with its short summers, mountainous terrain and the plains in a transitional zone between the valley of the Ebro River and the mountain range itself, Thomas and Emma Holt have created three Paso-Primero wine styles, a premium Paso-Prima, the limited edition Pasotismo in partnership with Batan de Salas, and a Spanish vermouth called Paso-Vermú.

Paso-Primero, Somontano Winery in Spain

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