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Painted Wolf Wines

Painted Wolf Wines is run by passionate conservationists Jeremy and Emma Borg. They focus on producing great quality wines by sourcing the best fruit from Swartland, Paarl and Stellenbosch to make their wines. The 'Den' range offers great value for money and tasty every day style wines.

Moving up, the 'Pack' range shows distinction and terroir, often being matured in oak for a fuller, richer style. Winemaker Jeremy takes inspiration from big Rhone classics for his Pack styles.

At the top of their selection is the 'Pictus' range. Pictus, the scientific name for the African wild dog, is given to the best wine of that given vintage - whether it be a red, white or any other style. Each Pictus bottle has a beautiful unique watercolour or ink artwork. 

Furthermore, 5% of all UK revenue from the sale of Painted Wolf Wines goes to supporting the TUSK foundation. TUSK are working to increase numbers of the endangered African wild dog known as the 'Painted Wolf'.

Painted Wolf Wines

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