Casa Mariol Terra Alta Samso Crianca Carinena 2014, Spain

Greek Wines

Dry red wine, 75cl. 100% Samsó from Terra Alta, Spain. 13.5% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Smartly-made ruby red wine from the indigenous Samsó grape. This is a medium-bodied style but is still intensely flavoured with black cherry, violet, leather, thyme and charred toast. There are also some hints of coconut and vanilla. Leaves you nicely with a smooth, velvety finish. 

You'll like this if you like... Merlot or Nero d'Avola medium bodied red wines or if you fancy red wine with fish.

Pairs beautifully with: Baked aubergines, cheesy Moussaka, roast trout stuffed with olive tapenade, cured meats, lamb or rosemary pork chops and chips.

Cheese pairing: Semi-hard cow's cheese like Swiss Emmental.

About Casa Mariol | Grapes Dictionary

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