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MOVI - Wines from Small Chilean Wineries

MOVI is a very exciting group of small producers celebrating fine Chilean wines. Each producer makes only a few thousand bottles, so to get hold of them on the export market they came together under the MOVI brand. This means their ultra cool wines are available here in very limited quantities. The group represent just 0.1% of Chile's production, but their wines have been met with acclaim.

Our selection from MOVI includes Tringario, headed by winemaker Jose Gonzalez and named after his three daughters: Trinidad, Margarita and Rosario; Polkura, a family of growers specialising in the Syrah variety; La Despensa Boutique, set up by Sherborne lad Matt Ridgway who moved to South America to restore houses, fell in love with his wife Ana, and stayed to make wine; and the tiny winery of Nerkihue, a family winery headed up by Loly in the region of Lolol. All these wineries are based in Chile's Colchagua Valley.

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