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Medium Bodied Wines

Balanced, pure expressions to please everyone

Some of Ben and Gyorgy's best discoveries sit in the medium bodied category. Whether they're ripe and fruity styles of red - Zweigelt, spicy Syrah and supple Terans - or mouthwatering white wines like Croatian Malvasia or a spicy Gruner Veltliner, these wines are bound to impress.

Idaia Dafnes Thrapsathiri Ocean Crete White Wine

Idaia Dafnes Thrapsathiri 'Ocean' 2018, Greece


Dry white wine, 75cl. 100% Thrapsathiri (pronounced Thrap-sah-THEE-ree) from Dafnes in Crete, Greece. 12.5% ABV. Attractive floral aromas with a r...

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Idaia Winery Vidiano White Wine from Crete, Greece Save 14%

Idaia Dafnes Vidiano 2017, Greece


Dry white wine, 75cl. 100% Vidiano (pronounced Vid-ee-an-oh) from Dafnes in Crete, Greece. 13.0% ABV. Suitable for Vegetarians. Special offer! End...

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