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Janos Bolyki

Janos, known by his nickname Jani, wasn’t born into a family tradition of winemaking: He is a truly passionate and knowledgable first generation winemaker. The Bolyki Winery is in a very special location: Wines are stored under the arches of an old tufa quarry in the Losonczy Valley of the Eger region. Beautiful scenery, breathtaking views - not in the usual way though: The old quarry still shapes the landscape but has beautifully blended into it and creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for wine tastings.

An agricultural engineer himself, Jani made his first wine in 2003, and his first ever “Bull’s Blood” Egri Bikaver achieved a prestigious Silver in 2006 in Bordeaux. Ever since then, he’s been making fantastic wines that have playful names and design and continue to achieve meaningful success both in Hungary and abroad.

Janos Bolyki

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